Mobile Mortuary

Jeevan Ambulance is providing one of the best mobile mortuary services. We offer mobile mortuary ambulances and vans at a reasonable rate and the mobile mortuary vans are completely equipped with all the needed and essential tools and equipments.

Our aim is to provide a service wherein we have our vans and ambulances equipped with all the vital amenities that are needed to keep the lifeless body in a better state till the time it reaches its requested destination. In addition to that, we also have a rescue basket stretcher as well as a wooden coffin box.

Jeevan Ambulance offers top quality mobile mortuary services and body freezing systems, which are needed for transporting the body of the deceased person to other locations.

Jeevan Ambulance’s mobile mortuary ambulances have all the latest and innovative equipments that use world-class technologies that are needed by the patients to give them immediate smart and modern treatment.

We only follow honest and ethical business policies with a full humanitarian approach and timely actions.

At Jeevan Ambulance, we have employed people with professional expertise to offer high-quality as well as cost-effective amenities. We have a quality and large infrastructure that serves the nation with diligent hard work and effort of the team. Our expertise has also been a part of a special course on how to maintain and monitor complete hygiene and the way to handle the emergency and critical cases.

Some of our advanced ambulance services also encompass life support systems that make it a safety enabled ambulance.

Instant treatment is also offered to the patients that need it at the earliest.

You can place the order on our website or even reach out to us at the listed numbers and provide us with the necessary details like the pickup time and much more.