ALS Ambulance

ALS stands for Advanced Life Support ambulances that requires medical monitoring as well as care by the state certified Paramedic and consist of advanced drug therapy, task to monitor vital signs, cardiac monitoring, IV, and oxygen therapy.

Jeevan Ambulance ALS ambulances are staffed at the advanced life support level. Our ambulances are operated by experienced, highly skilled and trained staff and they carry all the necessary medical equipments that are needed to treat, stabilize, and transport patients to the hospital emergency department, trauma centre, cath lab for an inter-facility transfer.

Our ALS ambulance is fully equipped with:

  • Pulse oximetry
  • State of the art blood and heart pressure monitoring equipment
  • Capnography
  • Oxygen delivery devices that comprise of ventilator and CPAP
  • Including all the advanced medications that are used to treat any and all illness and offer relief from pain.

All of the Jeevan Ambulance ambulances are equipped with ECG monitors with 12-lead abilities as well as non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring.

Our ALS ambulances consists of two paramedics who meet and even exceed the training and certification needs set forward by the state. During the vent-dependant or critically ill patient transporters, Jeevan Ambulance staffs ALS vehicles with an EMT so that both the paramedics in the ambulance can stay focused on the patient.

When you or even someone you know is in need of advanced life support ambulance transportation services that situation is a challenging one. Our ALS ambulances are equipped with everything that is needed to make sure the transportation of the patient is an easy one.

Reach out to us for your ALS ambulance needs and we will meet them at every cost.

You can simply book the ambulance by giving us a call; we are always by the phone so that no emergency ever goes unheard or unattended.